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Saint Ange Tourism Report – 29st October 2019

Saint Ange Tourism Report – 29st October 2019

Victoria, Mahé (Seychelles) – October 31, 2019 ( – The past week was an important week for the Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands as the French President Emmanuel Macron visited Mayotte and Reunion Islands. This visit should have helped to bring the Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands into the spotlight and help indirectly the six islands tourism. He was part of a positioning exercise for Reunion aptly called “Choose Reunion”.

Seychelles, Mauritius and South Africa makes the list of best African countries to visit in 2019

Ahead of the pack is a good place to be when competing for the same holiday makers. Mauritius ranked 54 on the world wide Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index measures is followed by South Africa at 61 and Seychelles at 62. Topping the list as the best is Spain, France, Germany, Japan, the USA, United Kingdom, Australia and Italy. Many African mainland countries find themselves trailing totally at the bottom of the list. How visible is the country? how does tourism benefit the people and the economy of the country? and how sustainable is the tourism industry? continues to play a big part in making it on this Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index List.

These are the best and worst countries for tourists to visit in 2019, according to the WEF’s Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2019. For over a decade the hashtag#WorldEconomicForum engaged leaders in hashtag#travel and tourism to carry out an in-depth hashtag#analysis of the travel and tourism (T&T) competitiveness. Published biennially, the hashtag#Report benchmarks the T&T competitiveness of 140 hashtag#economies and measures the set of factors and policies that enable the sustainable development of the T&T sector, which in turn, contributes to the hashtag#development and hashtag#competitiveness of a country.

Seychelles present at the One Young World Summit at Royal Albert Hall in London

Congratulations to Anael Bodwell of Global Shaper, Victoria Hub for joining all nations of the world at one of the most global and youthful event of the year “The One Young World Summit 2019”.

Anael Bodwell said that she was proudly flying the Seychelles flag in this sea of colours, culture and people.

Her bio states:- “Anael is a part-time Accounting and Finance student where she hopes to become a chartered accountant. She currently works full-time at the Office of the Auditor General in Seychelles. Anael was a board member of the Seychelles National Youth Council (SNYC) for 2015-2017 and also the Vice-Curator for the Victoria Hub in 2016. She is the co-founder of two national youth NGO chapters and has vast experience in civic work. Anael has experience in finance, budgeting, accounting and journalism; skills which she actively uses to carry out civic/community projects. Anael was a blogger and co-founder of the online newsletter in 2016. She was a nominee for the CEPS Volunteer Award in Seychelles and globally, nominated for the 120 young people under 30 working in the area of Family Planning. Anael is an ardent advocate for the sustainable development goals, with a special interest in poverty alleviation and health/well-being. Her contribution to community projects won her the Queen’s Young Leader’s Award for 2018″

Seychelles Fashion Week is coming

Seychelles Fashion Week is coming back to the islands. Two days of Top Fashion in Seychelles is set for the 29th & 30th November where 60 Models, 20 international and 5 Local designers will be in Seychelles for the event. Top celebrity Model/TV Host and a Celebrity Designer will be Launching their New Brand in Seychelles.

The event will be taking place at Eden Blue Hotel. Congratulations to Terry Carolla for pursuing the initiative that is helping keep Seychellois in the spotlight and that also open doors for many a Seychellois.

Creole Travel Services of Seychelles celebrates its 20th Anniversary

Creole Travel Services is one of the leading destination management companies (DMC) of the Seychelles Islands and they have just celebrated their 20th Anniversary at Cap Lazare on Mahe in the presence of Didier Dogley, the island’s Minister of Tourism, Anne Lafortune, the PS for Tourism and many tourism industry professionals inclusive of their staff past and present.

Creole Travel Services is a family owned and operated business, falling under the extensive umbrella of the JFA Group of Companies. JFA would be the initials of the literal “founding father” of Creole and affiliated companies, Mr. Joseph France Albert, the Chairman and father to CEO, Mr. Guillaume Albert. Through his hard work, Mr. Albert has built his entire empire from scratch and with the help of Guillaume and his sons the Albert legacy continues to grow and prosper.

Seychelles launches its first Nature Trail competition

In a press conference at Botanical House, Mont-Fleuri at the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) headquarters today, the organisation announced the launch of the Seychelles Nature Trail competition to be held in May 2020.

The announcement was made by the STB Chief Executive Mrs. Sherin Francis in the presence of Mrs. Bernadette Willemin, STB Regional Director for Europe, Ms. Bernadette Honoré, the STB representative in Reunion – who initiated the project with the support of Christian Hamer and Veronique Victor (directors of the trail) – and various partners on-board to make the project a success in Seychelles next year.

The partners for the SNT project alongside the STB will include the Seychelles National Sports Council (NSC), the Seychelles National Park Authority (SNPA), Air Mauritius, Seychelles Breweries, ABSA ( Barclays Bank), Cable and Wireless and Skychef.

Seychelles Sustainable Tourism Foundation to collaborate on projects under Pristine Seychelles campaign

The Seychelles Department of Tourism (represented by Principal Secretary Anne Lafortune, right) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Seychelles Sustainable Tourism Foundation (represented by the Founder Daniella Alis-Payet, left) to collaborate on projects under our Pristine Seychelles campaign that make Seychelles a sustainable tourism destination.

“We’re excited for this collaboration which will help create jobs for locals, give value to the Creole Culture, encourage efficient use of natural resources, reduce waste generation, and foster awareness” was the message echoed at the signing ceremony. This will include specific initiatives like a clean-up of Victoria and launching the Hidden Histories of Victoria Map. The agreement also aims to work towards the GSTC destination certification for Seychelles until 2022.